I write my poems naked 

​I write my poems naked,

Bare my mind on this

Bare peace of paper,

Laying my feelings bare,

Lying down, bare 

Burrying my thoughts,

Bearing in mind that what lies there

Are secrets to my soul..

So I undress, in this piece of paper

As I bare my heart out, 

barely saying a word.

Naked at heart,

Lonely, empty, hollow like a vacuum 

All the feelings, confused,

Estranged and bewildered 


Emotions a mess,

Can’t get a hold.

Desperate, shattered and miserable 

Seeking to find peace, 

Make peace, with all that has been, 

Might be and will be. 


As the whims send gusting winds,

Crippling every sense.

Wishing to cover up,


Shivering as I quiver,

Stuck on the floor.

Flattened by the cold.


Everything is different from where you are standing 

Caught in a tale called love

Told by a man full of lust
She gave her heart, mind, body and soul
To a man who’s heart, mind, body and soul,
Was caught in the idea of finding love
Between a woman’s thighs
But everything’s different from where you are standing.

Deeply, they explored their passions.
Drawn by attractions, driven by passions
She thought in him, she had found love,
A place, where she could lay her heart and
Pour out, all the contents of her soul.
Not afraid her mind could be caught in a fantasy,
She gave all her worth.
Succumbing to every thrust,
Mourning every breath she lost
Whilst swimming oceans,
Rocking tides, she could go to greater lengths
Just to show, how much she adored him.

Together they rode into the deepest valleys, and
In the midst of the deepest tunnels
They found their flames, and
Through the burning desires and emotions-
They rose into the air,
Like a phoenix from its ashes.
Their flames, they were so convinced,
No amount of water could quench,
With every gust of wind they came across,
Combusting the flames.
Soaring in their passions they thought:
Their ‘love’ could conquer it all.

Soon enough,
They found themselves soaring over skyscrapers,
Looking down upon the world.
Amazed by all the milestones they had overcome,
They dwelled in the adoration they saw in each other’s’ eyes.
Convinced by the strength they saw in each other,
Together, they looked forward to better days.

Then the night crept in,
With mist-filled skies and
Clouds, filling the skyline.
Swirling through the flames,
Were cold mystic winds,
Dampening the passions and desires
Hitting rock bottom,
They fell with a sudden thud!
Failing to find common ground
But then, common is not common to everyone
And the ground is not always levelled and smooth.
From vantage points
To points that gave an advantage.
They failed to see eye to eye
But then, everything’s different from where you are standing

Watching the sunset

Sitting on this rock
Looking deep into the horizon
I swear I could see the sun set
But then again, I’m just lost in my thoughts
I’ve been trying to keep thoughts of you off my mind
But my body has left this stone and jumped into my mind
You not just in my mind but I’m here with you

Sitting on this rock
Thinking about nothing but the pain and misery
And all the things left unsaid
We having these conversations,
Arguing and throwing tantrums, but in all that lovely discourse
I seem to be getting it all out of my chest, leaving no stone unturned
We fuss and fight, but at the end of it all
We kiss and make up
The perfect ending to all the imagination
As I quiver and realise I’ve been thinking about you again.

Sitting on this rock,
Written on my face is a panoramic sequence of faces,
I don’t know why, but my face shimmers and glimmers
In these mystic adventures playing in my mind,
I could swear I see the sun shining on the horizon
But all is lost in the hazy view
Phasing me out
As I pine away
And find solace in all these nasty dreams.

Are what we are now,
I’m still thinking and wondering,
How we suddenly shifted from a reality so perfect,
To a tale that only our hearts know of.
I keep on hallucinating.
I am here just to watch the sun set
But the sun is setting on me now.

Sitting on this rock
But I shrug at the pain piercing me,
From sitting and weighing down this rock
With the heaviness that sinks my heart
I never thought I’d find comfort in solitude
But here I am sitting on this rock
I am here to watch the sun set
But the sun is setting on me.


We hide in the masses 

Seeking to be found but not found out 

Afraid of being alone, 

We never want to show our true colours, 

Afraid of being hurt, 

We don’t allow ourselves to feel, Or try, 

We hide beneath our skins, 

A safe haven, 

Our cocoons in which we 

have carefully carved masks- 

Portraying nothing but the fiercest marksmen.

Pulling a brave front, 

For all those who look for weakness in our faces 

the moment we set foot outside our doorsteps.

Yet, inside we are nothing but silky worms,

 So soft and tender, 

We build walls around us, 

To see who wants to break them down. 

Carefully spun, We make the finest silk threads, 

but through life’s course, 

We’ve had to break free from some of these cocoons.

In order to see what we could be If left to the sky! 

To see how far we could flap our wings and 

how high we’d go from all the momentum we’d gained. 

Sometimes beauty lies not in perfection, but 

in the things unseen, and 

all the perfect discourses. 

It’s in our differences, that we find the right way. 

It’s in our weaknesses that we find our strengths

 It’s only when we are able to stand alone, 

That we can be able to help others stand on their own. 

Only then, will we not just be living our lives, 

We’ll be painting the sky with all the colours in the rainbow. 

‘Cause together we’d look so colourful and bring hope, 

To all those going through storms, and 

someday, help them reach that pot of gold. 

Dare to Dream! 

In your coulourfull sleep, 

Make sure there’s room for everyone!